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Watching a Streaming Movie Outside with Roku Streaming Stick

With the weather getting nicer, my Family and I though it would be nice to watch some streaming movies outside.   You used to have to get loads of equipment to just be able to do this.  Now you can get an LCD projector, a powered speaker, something to stream from (we used the Roku Streaming Stick), and a movie screen and you can start showing a movie.  Well you also need popcorn!

roku streaming mediaI did a bunch of research and found a great 3000 lumen high definition (XGA) LCD short throw projector on Amazon Warehouse that saved be a few hundred dollars —the projector was in new condition.   The short throw allows us to keep the projector very close (about 3-4 feet) to the screen and get a great picture.

For the screen, we started to use plastic painters cloth that we got form Home Depot.  It was plastic on one side, and had a white paper-like substance on the other — this allowed for the movie to play on it, with the plastic increasing the reflectivity.  This cloth was about 9’ x 12’ and we’d use painters tape to place it on the wall.  We eventually purchased a 11’ long projector screen that was really inexpensive and it provides an even better picture.

The sound comes from a sound bar with a Bluetooth subwoofer.  Its really easy to setup and gives great sound.

Finally, to stream the right movie.  We got a Roku Streaming Stick.  This thing is amazing.  It connects to all of the different streaming movie channels like Amazon, Vudu, Netflix, etc and works wirelessly.  We just hook it up to the projector through the HDMI connection and use the remove to navigate to the right movie.

Popcorn needed and we have a great movie night while you’re watching streaming videos.

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