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Who doesn’t love Chevy Chase as a comedian, and movie actor? Chevy has starred in multiple movies — probably my most memorable ones are the National Lampoon Vacation movies. We always get a great kick out of watching Christmas Vacation during the winter holiday season.

Chevy is an american comedian and actor and really got his first break by working on Saturday Night Live, though left after a few years and was replaced by Bill Murray. His first big movie was Foul Play back in 1978 and then branched out into the five different National Lampoon Vacation movies as Clark Griswold, and as Irwin “Fletch” Fletcher in the two Fletch films back in the 1980’s. Caddyshack is a true classic as well, with even a biopic created about making the movie.

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If you love all of the National Lampoon movies, one of my all time favorites is National Lampoon’s Animal House. You can find the movie in the search as well.




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