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Streaming Movie Review: Vacation 2015

How many of you have watched the many National Lampoon’s Vacation streaming movies from the 1980s and 1990s?  Chevy Chase and the gang.  The slapstick and sometimes crude humor was classic and still entertains people today in 2018.

There was a remake of the original Vacation movie in 2015 also vacation movie streaming onlinecalled Vacation.  Its an new generation of the Griswalds — Rusty (now played by Ed Holms) is grown up with a family of his own.  Still acting like his father, the funny Chevy Chase (Clark Griswald).  Rusty has a wife and two kids.  The younger of the two comes back with regular one liners (sometimes a little off color) which you cant help but laugh at.  The family leaves their home only to eventually trek to Wally World.  During their travels they see Rusty’s father and mother (Clark and Ellen) and even get a chance to drive the old station wagon from the original Vacation streaming movie.

When my family began watching we weren’t sure if we’d like it but I can’t tell you how many laughs we had during the movie.

Before you watch this though, do yourself a favor and watch at least a few of the other Vacation movies — the 2015 version has a few quick jokes and knock offs from the original movie from 1983.  You’ve got to see that one as well.  They went on to make additional movies including Vegas Vacation, European Vacation, and Christmas Vacation.  Still my all time favorite is the original vacation, though Vacation 2015 comes a close second.  Definitely go watch if you want to laugh!   You can see all of these videos online through your favorite streaming video service.

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