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Great $0.99 Cent Streaming Movies on Amazon – on sale

Here’s a selected list of some of Amazon’s $0.99 cent streaming movies available now.  I’ve seen all of them and they also have good social ratings.

  1. Daddy’s Home 2 – Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg comedy made in 2017
  2. DeepWater Horizon – Made in 2016 with Marc Wahlberg
  3. Escape Plan – A thriller focused on the world’s foremost security expert gets the job of his lifetime — breaking out of an ultra secret prison called “the tomb”.
  4. Azorian:  The Raising of the K-129 – In 1968 a Soviet submarine sank.  In 1974 the US CIA decided to craft a plan to raise it.
  5. Shot Caller – Nikolaj Coster-Walauf (Game of Thrones) stars in this thriller streaming movie about a man who’s placed in prison and must fight for his life to stay alive — being forced to join a prison gang.
  6. A Cowgirl’s Story – A young girl, Dusty, and her grandfather rely on their faith and each other as her parents serve in the Afghan War. Touching story.
  7. Beyond the Lights – A young singer trying to make it big but doesn’t have the initiative until she meets a young cop ….
  8. What’s Your Number? – Ally goes out on a quest to find the best “ex” of her life by any means necessary.

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