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No Streaming Movie Night is Complete without a Fire

Mom, apple pie, baseball … and a roasting marshmallows are all great Americana during the warm summer months. There’s just something about the smell of a some firewood burning (not a blaze) but just enough so that you can enjoy an early evening as the sunsets … barbecue, fire in the fire pit, and for desert: roasted marshmallows. With a streaming movie.

We added a small fire pit so that we could continue to enjoy the summer evenings as a family. We’ll have friends over, or just during a week night we’ll have dinner outside next to the fire. We even found a great guy on craigslist (everyone has to have a “guy”) who delivers firewood to us (and stacks it) for a decent price.FirePit

Fire Pit before the Streaming Movie

Well before we throw up a movie on our screen we’ll often have a fire. Here’s how we thought about it….. the goals were to have a place that we could sit around, roast marshmallows, and relax by the fire when we wanted to. We often do this before we watch movies at night. Of course to find a movie to stream tonight see SpeedyTV.com

We found a fire pit online. There were two types, a gas powered one or one that holds logs. The gas fire pit is gives you a continuous fire when you need it but we’d be missing something .. its just there for the fire look, but we’d be missing the feel. The wood burning fire pit gives us the look and feel (and smell) of the fire — like a camp fire. We settled for the Landman Big Sky Fire Pit since it had great reviews and we were not disappointed. We can now have a fire before we watch a movie — as well as enjoy it throughout the three season of the year.

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