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Streaming Movie Review: Red Sparrow

My wife and I have both similar and differing tastes in movies.   One thing we can often agree on though is a good action, mystery or thriller movie.  This one has all three.

If you are looking for an edgy thriller with a strong female protagonist, then your search ends at Red Sparrow which recently came out over streaming movie services over the past month. The film follows the life of Dominika Egorova (Jennifer Lawrence), who loves her mother as much as her work, as a fierce ballerina. A strong-willed Russian, Dominika’s life reaches the brink when an injury threatens to end her career forever. In order to survive and care for her ill mother, she ends up joining the Sparrow School, known for training extraordinary youngster to be extraordinary spies. Their intensive training, results in the mentees using their mind & bodies as effective and sometimes immoral weapons and Dominika emerges to be one of the most dangerous sparrows. A combination of this newly acquired power and the desperate & cunning person she actually is, means she needs to now come to terms with the new life that beckons her and all is not black & white. The plot gets interesting when her mission entangles with that of American CIA operative Nate Nash (Joel Edgerton) and apparently, he is the only one she can trust.

Directed by Francis Lawrence of the Hunger Games fame and scripted by Justin Haythe, the Red Sparrow is bold, dark and unapologetically graphic at times. But the story can be told in no other way and this is what makes it a gripping entertainer. So stock up the popcorns as you wouldn’t want to leave midway during this sleek yet emotional espionage movie.

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