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Streaming Movie Review: Maze Runner 3

A warm spring evening means that we bring out the projector and pull down our outside movie screen for a fun movie Friday movie streaming night.   We knew what movie to stream tonight.  It was Maze Runner 3.

We streamed the movie Maze Runner: The Death Cure on a big screen projector (and it was awesome).

The movie begins immediately with an action sequence in the apocalyptic land where a virus has taken over humanity.  The virus turned those who are not immune into zombie like creatures.  Many of the previous characters of the Maze Runner movies had been captured since they were immune from the virus.  And had  hopes of crafting an antidote.

It turns out that the elitist people who have not acquired the virus have built a fortified city to try to keep the virus out of their community .. though they know the inevitable will happen if they do not make an antidote.  From previous movies, they were using the maze from the maze runner movies to test previous children for resistance to the virus.

The action packed movie progresses as the children rescue each other from capture, and eventually try to rescue one last boy.  They eventually find that one of them have the sufficient antibodies to create an antidote to save the population.

Good streaming movie — kept our attention and we really enjoyed it.

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