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Streaming Movie Review: Game Night

It was comedy night.  As you know we like to stream our movies but if we can’t find just the right one, we’ll head down to the local RedBox and find a DVD.   It had been a tough week and we wanted to find something a little more upbeat.

The movie choice?  Game Night.   I’ve enjoyed many of the movies with Jason Bateman …   From way back in the day, I remember him from Silver Spoons and Family Ties and his sister Justine Bateman from Family Ties.

If you thought mainstream comedy movies, come out of the same mold; then Game Night will surprisingly, surprise you. A clever combination of comedy & thriller, this movie starring Jason Bateman (Max) and Rachel McAdams (Annie) is a breath of fresh air.  Max & Annie are your typical young middle class couple and the opening montage explains to us how their relationship is to a large part, based on board games. Taking this ritual ahead, into their social life, they end up hosting regular couples’ game nights for their friends. On one such game night, when they have Sarah & Ryan (Sharon Horgan & Billy Magnussen) and Kevin & Michelle (Lamorne Morris & Kylie Bunburry) over, Max’s estranged but very successful sibling Brooks (Kyle Chandler) ends up gate-crashing their little gathering. He invites them over to his place and arranges a murder mystery party. And this is where the line between game & reality begin to blur. Over the course of the night, Brooks is kidnapped and everyone plays along thinking it is part of the game, but is it?

Written by Mark Perez, Game Night is an adult comedy that does not rely on humor that is raunchy or slapstick. It is quick witted and keeps you at the edge of your seat. The slick & stylish direction by John Francis Daley & Jonathan Goldstein (the ones from Vacation- 2015), separates Game Night from similar themed comedy productions. The movie goes the whole hog and packs in exciting chase scenes, gun shootings and mystery settings that hold your attention throughout. All in all, a perfect movie for an impromptu streaming movie night!

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