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Free Streaming Movies Online – finding time to enjoy

Finding the best online and free streaming movies is becoming much easier now a days.  There’s nothing better than to be able to watch some good shows when you have free time.  During the week our families are rushing all over the place, from driving to sports, haphazard dinners where not everyone attends, and the general craziness of work, school, extra curricular activities and sporting events.  I do keep thinking about watching free streaming movies online 🙂

Once you get home from all of these things, you have little time to rest and relax.  But once the weekend comes, its time for watching some good shows with the family.  Great family time.

Watch Free Streaming Movies

It wasn’t that long ago, when we’d always go to the movie theater on the weekends.  With the advent of online streaming services, we’d heard that the theaters are having to try to keep up with the new technology.  Our local theater did a major refurbishment where they added stadium seats, a full service restaurant and even a bar.  They also added an IMAX theater.  Actually the food is quite good.

But there’s something about just staying home and avoiding the large costs with going out to the movies — two people going to a theater could cost you easily $30 then if you factor in popcorn or food its another $10-$20 or more.  Maybe a $50-$60 night.  (plus a babysitter if your kids are young). There’s got to be a better way.

Fortunately, there are a few different great services that provide free online streaming movies that we can all watch.  The most popular of those is Netflix.  Though other  services like Amazon Prime also offer online streaming movies.  Some charge a little for those including the most popular service called Vudu.

How to Watch Free Streaming Online?

There’s actually a challenge with finding the right online movie on Netflix — their search engine is somewhat difficult.  Plus being able to merge Netflix with IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes is a nice opportunity to improve what we’re actually watching online.

The best situation is to be able to use a service to find the best free streaming movies online — one that ranks them, and allows you to search for the best ones.  Right now we’re sticking with the Amazon and Netflix Search Engines to find the best movies.

As always, check out our website to see free streaming movies online.

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