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Creating SpeedyTV How To Videos

As a small business, we’re always trying to find the best ways to improve our products, enhance our features, create more value, and grow our customer base. The biggest challenge we regularly face is that we’re not marketers per-se, we’re product creators.

Sometimes the marketing piece for us comes a little too slowly and not nearly as great as we’d like it to. We recently found a nice little application called inVideo which has been a true partner in helping us craft those nifty little youtube videos you’ve seen that we use to help show you around.

Our Thoughts On InVideo

We’ve been using inVideo for a few months now. Though originally billed as a video maker tool to make marketing videos or , we tweaked the use case so that we can make super fast product “how-to” videos for SpeedyTV. For example, “How to Find a Great Horror Movie on Netflix in Under 2 Minutes“. Given the invideo interface we were able to craft that video in under 30 minutes. We’ve since made quite a few others which are hosted on our youtube channel.

The video editing tools they have make it easy! They have multiple animations and templates that allow you to just plug and play. The photos and videos come from a stock database. To pull one of these over into a slide, you just drag and drop and then BOOM, its there with the other animations.

Once you are done with your “how to video”, you compile it and download. You choose the format that meets your preference, for example, Facebook “square”, mobile, or laptop. Once downloaded you can upload the high resolution movie to your favorite application, for example youtube.

No business is ever ROCKSTAR level without outstanding support. These guys are ROCKSTARs. I’ve had a truly outstanding experience with their support. They respond almost immediately, are more than willing to walk you through any questions you have — or even give a personalized 1:1 to walk you through the product (yes, just schedule it on your time with them). Some of the best customer support that I’ve seen.

Overall impression: great product, great team who constantly is improving the product, and outstanding support.

Thanks InVideo for making my life easier.

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