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How to Choose an Outdoor Movie Screen to Stream Movies

We’ve talked about  the awesomeness of watching movies outside.  We’re going to tell you about how we chose the best outdoor movie screen.  We started with the overall goal — get as big as a screen as we possibly could get.  Easy right?  We use a hanging screen that can be easy wound up into a long movie screen log.

Our overall plan was to watch the streaming movie from our backyard patio … it has a roof, so we wanted to be able to watch the movie in the patio on our comfortable furniture.

Choosing a Screen Type

Many vendors sell white white colored tarp and you hang it with grommets.  I didn’t think that would give a good streaming movie experience.  We really wanted a movie screen.  In this area, there are various types of screens but they have reflective.  I have a short throw projector which could show a few wrinkles on reflective screens so I narrowed it down to low reflectivity screens.  Finally I settled on a reflective level of 1.1

Unframed Movie Screen Dilemma

We first started thinking about getting a screen like the photo above.   It was less expensive. But the problem was that once I installed it onto a frame, it would have been difficult to store — if I left it outside, then it would have gotten dirty.  Keeping it in the garage?  No way, it was too big.  Pretty much a tough plan here.  The positive thing was that it was inexpensive.  An alternative with this type of screen would be that I would just hang it from the ceiling of our porch roof, but then it would get wrinkled and really not display the movie well.

Pull Down Movie Screen

I determined this was my best bet.  A pull down wa

s easy to store, you could get them pretty large … I was hoping to find one that was around 130″ or 140″ diagonal.  There were some outdoor screens but they were pretty expensive.  So I found a manual pull down movie screen that was made by Elite Screens, who tends to have a large presence in the movie screen market.    I settled on the Elite Screens Manual 135 inch Projector Screen.

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