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Bugs and watching a streaming movie outside

Now that the weather is getting a little warmer, our friends are starting to come out.  The rain, humidity and bug food is starting to all occur, and bugs are flying around in the evening when its a little cooler.  The most fascinating thing is that there are the mosquitoes which like to eat you.  But then the other type are those attracted to light — or more likely they want to get a first person view of the streaming movie.

I’ve come to the conclusion that not having bugs while outside in the evening just isn’t going to happen, so what can I do to create the best movie situation while coexisting with our little flying friends.  Here’s what I’d found works really well.

No-see-ems that like to eat you.  

For these little buggers, I just want to not have them get close … and really avoid being bitten.  A little spray of deet and one of those electronic bug vacuum / catcher things works really well.  I’ve also found that the ZapIt Twin Pack Bug Zappers helps you to creat a game of wacking those critters also is enjoyable though it could be a little annoying to those folks we’re watching the movie with.

The best option is a fan

Though playing tennis with our flying friends is definitely fun.  It tends to be somewhat distracting.  Also, we’ve found that the movie loving bugs who like to hover near the projector or worse, on the screen itself (yes many like this).  A fan is the way to go.  We’ve installed a fan by our movie watching area.  This makes it more difficult for the bugs to hang out and many of them go their own separate way.

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