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American Airlines has Free Streaming Movies Now on Many of their Flights

I am fortunate (or unfortunate) to travel periodically for work.  Going to the airport, trudging through security, and eventually making it to the gate to check in.  By the way, getting a Global Entry or PreCheck by paying $100 or $80 correspondingly  gets you through the security gate faster and easier without having to take off your belt, shoes, etc.  Streaming through the lines — though unfortunately sometimes even the precheck queue can get clogged up.  I typically fly American Airlines.  I recently found that they’re offering free streaming movies to anyone who wants to watch.

Some of their newer plans have upgraded seatbacks which have little streaming movie screens right in front of you.   These screens and interfaces allow you to watch movies, play video games, look up the weather, even watch the flight on an interactive map.  The thing that impressed me was that the movie list were many very new movies that had just been in the theaters.  There were some older ones there as well.

To watch the streaming movies you have two options:  1) Plug your headset into the movie screen if your airplane has one.  The biggest challenge is that you must have earphones with a plug … my iPhone doesn’t take the plugs anymore (its Bluetooth) so I’m out of luck.

2) The other option is that you can use your mobile device whether its a phone, tablet, or computer.  With this option you must have AA’s mobile app already loaded onto your phone (this is important otherwise it won’t work).  Then you log into the wifi for free, and select your favorite mobile entertainment.

Free movies all flight long!


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