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3 Ways to Stream a Movie to Watch Tonight

I read a statistic recently where most high-school and college kids don’t even use televisions anymore — they’re all watching their videos on their phones, iPads, or laptops.  It was an interesting thing to hear and likely forecasts how people will get their streaming content in the future.

Mobile Device Screens are Small

An increased usage of mobile or small devices to watch streaming videos  doesn’t account for though is watching with groups of people.  As these kids become older and have families or want to watch their favorite movies in groups they’ll need larger screens.  Streaming content on smaller devices works well because the apps are embedded.  However in the bigger devices for example an LCD projector or television screen you’ll likely need some additional features.

When Thinking of a Devices to Stream a Movie With Friends

Consider a Smart TV or Projector which is one that has Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, or other streaming service apps built in.  Also, you can stream directly from your mobile device or laptop to the Television or projector.  My favorite still mainly for ease of use is an external device which is created directly for streaming.  Two of the best ones are either the Roku or the Amazon Fire TV Stick.  These both have excellent interfaces and allow you to easily navigate to your favorite streaming service and choose your favorite movie or TV show.  Thes both offer high-definition and work over WIFI so you can watch your shows anywhere that your WiFi can reach.

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