Marta Hazas

Marta Hazas (Born in 1977)

Marta Hazas (born December 31, 1997)is a Spanish actress born in Santander (Cantabria). She has a degree in jorunalism, and she also studied dramatic arts in Cristina Rota School. She started her career with minor roles in Spanish tv shows like 'El comisario', 'Hospital central' or 'Los hombres de Paco'. Fame came after her role as Amelia in the tv show 'El Internado'. Before that, she played other leading roles in shows like 'Bandolera' or 'Velvet'. She also has been participated in movies like '8 citas' or 'Lo contrario al amor'. See online movies from Marta Hazas below.

Marta Hazas Movies

Velvet Colección

Barcelona 1967. Ana Rivera returns from New York to launch h...